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Qafqaz Konserv Zavodu (Caucasus Conserve Plant), developing from the first day of its operation in the city of Khachmaz in Northern part of Azerbaijan, continues its way forward in the direction of production of quality produce. More than 350 employees are working at the enterprise which is one of the factors of Khachmaz zone’s development. Starting from November 8, 2005, Qafqaz Konserv Zavodu holds TS ISO-EN-9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate (Certificate No. KY-4187/05) and all documentation, as well as production process, is maintained within the frameworks of international norms in accordance with the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The management of Qafqaz Konserv Zavodu continues to perform necessary operations to apply all standards (DÜST, QOST, TSE) in connection with the quality of the plant’s produce. Qafqaz Konserv Zavodu (Caucasus Conserve Plant) was awarded the level of "A grade" Global Standards BRC (British Retail Consortium), created by the British trade association in order to provide a more secure food production. Global standards BRC - define the requirements for companies engaged in food production, packaging, transport and storage, as well as the production of consumer products. This standard is applied in the estimation of the heads of retailers and other organizations of its suppliers from the legislative point of view. Aiming in the first place at providing always quality produce and services, Q Caucasus Conserve Plant is highly developed in terms of production volumes.




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